It is not only fun but satisfying to make clothes for a doll.  Whether you are sewing for a child or your very own doll collection, you can create an endless variety of styles based on the patterns of this book.  Printed in this webpage is one such pattern:  blouse and skirt pattern with instructions for the most popular size fashion doll, 11 1/2".


The Blouse

The blouse consists of five parts and has a back opening.

Supplies:  (Yardage estimates are based on 45"fabric width.)

    1/4" yard evening dress fabric

    5 small snaps

    1 spool thread


1.    Gather sleeves and set aside.

2.    With right sides together, sew the shoulder seams of the front of blouse to the back sections of blouse.

3.    With right sides together, sew the sleeves to the blouse.

4.    At this point, hem the sleeves for ease in construction.

5.    With right sides together, close the side seams of the blouse by sewing form the hem of the blouse to the hem of the sleeves.

6.    Finish the raw edges by turning under with stitching.

7.    For closure, sew snaps on the back of the blouse.


Fig. 1.  Front and Back Views of Blouse and Skirt.



The Skirt

The pattern primarily consists of six parts.  To avoid a seam line on the front of the skirt, the skirt may be divided into three parts: one panel for the front and two panels for the back.  The skirt can also be cut in one continuous piece.  It has a back opening.


1.    With right sides together, join the panels of the skirt.  Remember to leave the back sections unsewn on the center of the back of the skirt for opening.

2.    Gather skirt.

3.    With right sides together, sew the waistband.  Leave one side unsewn for attachment to skirt.  Turn inside out.

4.    With right sides together, sew the gathered skirt to the waistband.

5.    For closure, sew snaps on the back of the skirt.


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